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On this page you will find out how we will solve your foreclosure.
Thank you for taking the time to discover the service we offer to those who find themselves faced with a foreclosure of their property.
How important would it be for you to see your way through this whole foreclosure mess and end up with your credit still intact (usually even better than it is now) and land on both feet running? Keep reading!
We realize that anyone who has ever found themselves in this situation is looking at some very tough decisions. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be so much nicer just to move on with your life after we show you how to get rid of this foreclosure headache? We can! What we will do here is give you a very precise program for eliminating the foreclosure, which can help you get on with your life.
Don’t you think that being straight-forward and honest is always the best approach? We do. That is why some of what you will read in the next few paragraphs may seem a little harsh and uncaring. Please understand that we must make sure that all of the “cards are on the table.”
Below, you will find the steps we will take to put a stop to this foreclosure process. Our methods have been utilized thousands of times by many happy clients for the relief of their foreclosure blues. Doesn’t it make sense to go with a system that has helped so many people already? If after reading about our foreclosure program you feel that it is not the way to go, that is of course your choice. Everyone has different circumstances that affect their situation. We respect that.

Some “Fine Print”
We wish to make very clear from the beginning that until we have a face-to-face discussion about your particular circumstances, we can not, and will not, make any specific promises regarding any remedy for the foreclosure process. The following program is one that has helped many, many people resolve the foreclosure of their property, but it may not be right for you. We may very possibly have another program that will work for you. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask us for another solution.
We promise to do everything within our power to assist you in eliminating your pending foreclosure. If we can indeed be of service to you, the foreclosure process will be stopped and your credit will not be effected by a foreclosure judgment. In fact, using our program, you will actually end up with a paid-in-full mortgage (a obvious credit plus), because our program includes completely paying off the loan.

The Brutal Facts
This is where we put our cards on the table. You may not want to hear them, but let’s face the facts.

Fact # 1:
The reason for anyone finding themselves facing a foreclosure is because, no matter what the underlying reason may be, the loan payments have not been paid current. It makes no difference what the situation was that caused this to be a fact. There are literally thousands of reasons! The reality is that the lender is not concerned with the cause, and frankly, at the risk of sounding a bit cold and calloused, neither are we. We may be able to offer some very sound advice on how to avoid foreclosure in the future, but right now our only concern is to help you fix the situation that exists right now, regardless of how it came about.

Fact # 2:
That said, here is another hard pill to swallow. We will tell you right now, right up front, that in nearly all cases where people find themselves in foreclosure, they will not be able to keep the house after the foreclosure is stopped, unless they can reinstate the loan themselves. If you expect to be able to stay in the house after we stop the foreclosure, we probably will not be able to help you.

Fact # 3:
In order to avoid losing their home, one always has options and many people unfortunately resort to bankruptcy as one of those options. Aside from the obvious expense of paying the lawyer, this will usually result in the foreclosure process merely being “postponed” a few weeks until the lender petitions the court to release the property from the bankruptcy proceedings. In most cases the property will be released and the foreclosure will proceed, you will have paid hundreds of dollars to a lawyer, and you will still lose the house. The damage to your credit rating is now twofold; not only will you have the foreclosure on record, but also a perhaps otherwise unnecessary bankruptcy is added as a second blow. This may seem harsh, but unless you are aware of the possibilities and facts surrounding foreclosures, you will not be able to make proper decisions. Could you get excited about the possibility that you can come out of this mess with your credit intact and usually better than when this all started? Keep reading!

The Program:
Here is the basic program that we will implement to stop the foreclosure process and keep your credit rating (and your sanity) intact:
1. We will need to inspect the house to see what (if any) repairs and/or maintenance will be needed.
2. We will gather information from you about the amount of back payments, total amount & duration of loan, the payoff for the lender, etc.
3. We will ask you to a sign an information release form so we may obtain any required info from the lender, lenders attorney, title company, etc.
Either during our first meeting, or within 1 business day, we will analyze your situation. If we can be of service, we will then have you sign a Warranty Deed for the foreclosing property, agree to do the following:
4. We will reinstate the existing loan, subject to the existing financing, until new financing is acquired.
5. We will pay all settlements on defaulting loans.
6. We will go over specific additional services that we may be able to provide in assisting you in this situation. These can include:
a. Cash to help get you back on your feet.
b. Catching up the back payments for some or all of the following:
i. property taxes
ii. electricity
iii. phone
iv. natural gas
v. water/sewage
vi. cable/satellite
c. Assistance with moving and/or costs of moving.
d. Assistance for the location of and/or partial or full payment to cover getting into a rental apartment or house for the first month.

This whole process can be accomplished in 48 hours or less. Can you see the value in getting this done quickly? Think of the stress and headaches you will leave behind when this foreclosure mess is in the past! Contact us to get started TODAY!


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